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40mm DM18 Dm118 L8A1 Practice Grenades


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Trio of Practice 40mm grenade projectiles i have just chopped,All are the marker type and contain no explosive or pyrotechnic components
the drawings show the complete rounds


  • 1paintDSC00023.jpg
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  • l8a1 40mm paint.jpg
    l8a1 40mm paint.jpg
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  • dm18 prac paint 40mm.jpg
    dm18 prac paint 40mm.jpg
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  • DM118 40mm prac paint.jpg
    DM118 40mm prac paint.jpg
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  • 1 40mm DSC00025.jpg
    1 40mm DSC00025.jpg
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Hey nice job there spotter you are getting pretty handy with that hacksaw now... A little side line for you.

Best Weasel.