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40mm grenades


Ordnance Approved
Ordnance approved
Hi. These things breed worse than rabbits (the last time I looked I only had a couple).

Now that I've shown you mine, why not show me yours:tinysmile_grin_t:

And don't forget, if you have a spare one that I don't, drop me a PM and we'll see if I have something you are after. Cheers


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Nice "little" lot !

That's a nice collection of 40 mm Grenades Kiwicolin, did it take you long to obtain them ?

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
I only have these few kiwicolin,Thats a nice big collection you have


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That is a very nice collection indeed. I have a few too. I still have to cut the nicest one. When finished I'll add it to this posting
Hi. Ive had some of these for many years, although Ive picked up more than half of them in the last year or so. Great cutaways, thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing your future efforts. Ive got a couple tucked away for making cutaways (or trade). Cheers
Hi. Here’s a few more I’ve picked up over the last couple of weeks. I still need some 40mm Ground markers, if anybody got some for sale or swap. Cheers


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    40mm 4 BOCN.jpg
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Hi Kiwicolin, Conpliments to you. That array of 40mm grenades is nothing short of "eye-popping"!!! Dano
A few of mine.


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Hi, There's some great looking 40mm's you've got (lots I don't have:tinysmile_cry_t4: ). These things are great collecting, as there seems to be a never endiing list of ones you don't have. Here's my latest addition. It's a monster and dwarfs my other 40mm's. It needs a good clean and the correct casing (please let me know if you have one), but I'm pleased to have it anyway. Here's a bit of info I've just found on the Internet.

These are commercially designed, percussion-primed cartridges with fin-stabilized CS projectiles. The No. 530 CS projectiles contain pyrotechnic-delay-ignited, pyrotechnic mixtures that produce nonpersistent irritant gases. The CS cartridges are used in gas riot guns.

The projectile body is painted blue in the No. 530 CS cartridge. These cartridges have a checkerboard pattern and the projectile filler painted on the base of the cartridge case in blue. Nomenclature, manufacturing information, and usage are stenciled longitudinally in black on the projectile bodies.

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Here's a few, not a good picture as they are mixed in with other misc. small arms.

Aren't most of the commercial pieces 35mm? It seems like the normal police launcers were a smaller caliber than the military.


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Here is the full shelf, I don't pay too much attention to the small arms (40mm and below) but its fun to play with for a while until you can find real bullets. The nicer stuff (German, Jap, US 25mm etc) gets put into drawers.

Also here are a couple specialty 40mm I haven't seen listed yet.


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Hi, Glad to hear you don't like them:tinysmile_shy_t: I should be able to help you out:tinysmile_fatgrin_t. I'm particularly interested in the ground marker heads and any HEDP parts you may have (particularly any internal PIBD fuze bits). If interested, drop me a PM and I'll see if I can find a trade worthy of putting in one of your draws. Cheers Colin
Not a problem, the next time I'm home near the collection I can look through for extra stuff as well as see what else I can part with - looking for submunitions and Japanese stuff. The only difficulty is that I don't get home near the collection (and family) too often. Next scheduled trip back is December. JO

Hi kiwicolin, I'll have you know, I just bought one of the 40mm's off gun broker, and it is yout fault. Your stuff looks so nice I decided to amass a few....Dano
Hi guys, Thanks for the comments. Be careful Dano; ones OK, but if you buy two they will multiply:tinysmile_cry_t2:. I've seen some really nice ones on Gunbroker. Unfortunately most of them seem to be live (not the best for export down under:sad:). Did you buy that one with the dent in the nose? Cheers Colin

Hi Colin, Not sure about dent but ordered plastic 40mm (looks cool), then went to dugup and ordered 2 - 37mm baton rounds and enough stuff to kit out my 36 mills bomb. Those little rounds could get addictive. It's awesome to make a nice addition to collection for 10.00 - 20.00 range..Dano
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Aren't most of the commercial pieces 35mm? It seems like the normal police launcers were a smaller caliber than the military.
The standard police riot gun (less-lethal) calibre is 37mm, derived from the old flare guns. These are nearly all smoothbores and the guns and ammo low-tech and imprecise (they are also referred to as "1.5 inch" or "38mm"). An exception are the British police and army 37mm guns, which are both made by HK and are rifled. The ammo is also purpose-designed for those guns. The 37mm ARWEN and derivatives is also a rifled system.

The army 40mm are nearly all rifled and have a more sophisticated propulsion system. They were developed for firing HE and have been adapted for less-lethal ammo. Some ammo is designed to be fired in both 37mm and 40mm guns.

I've got an article on the 37mm ammo somewhere, must post it on my website...
Yes, I think they do breed.

A few photos from the Blue Room.

The tallest projo in the center of photo 1 is a rocket assisted one. The round to the left of it is the fired body of an old style bounding HE.

Just to the right of the flare rounds is a prefrag body of shrapnel balls in a plastic matrix with steel liner.

On the far right if the auto gun rounds is a sample of fabric belt on a case, that was tested to eliminate the steel links. The middle yellow tipped auto gun round has a proximity fuze.

The last photo is of the bases of the 3 rounds on the left of the auto gun rounds. The HEDP Projo is pre-coined on the inside and has a ridge around the base, while the normal HE and TP have a flat base.

Somewhere I have a photo of a sectioned antenna wire round from Vietnam. It was the shape of a flare round, and had a spool of wire that would unwind as it was shot up through the jungle to get the wire above the jungle canopy for better radio reception.



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