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40mm projectile


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this photo shows comparison with Bofors made L70 projetile


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Hi R,
I think some of the bofor men are away on their holidays at the moment?,so please hang in there for some answers.


Mystery Projectile

Hi Rickoshae I think you may be barking up the wrong tree with the "Bofors" theory.
I note that the projectile has in fact been fired from a 2 Pounder barrel as it has the distinctive discrete rifling unlike the coarse "Bofors" rifling which is must coarser.

This may or may not help you as it is by no means definitive, at one time I used to have a 40 mm Bofors HE/T projectile that HAD been fired from a
2 Pounder Barrel !

See pictures of;-
40/60 Bofors fired in 2 Pounder barrel.
40/60 Bofors fired in Bofors barrel


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Blimey, there are some real anoraks on this site! Well done for spotting that Chris, but why would anyone want to do it in the first place?

Also any thoughts on the 'thing' that I have?

Bofors ?

Hi Dave as to why would a 40/60 Bofors round be fired in a 2 Pounder barrel-thats what they call "experimental" as many "odd" things happen to standard ammo.
For example Fuze testing may require a faster or slower "Spin" to the projectile or a higher velocity than the standard round can achieve safely in the standard gun-the list goes on !:tinysmile_eyebrow_t

So it may well be you have a "nice" experimental item there :tinysmile_shy_t:
that's very interesting Chris. Thanks for posting that - I shall look at fired driving bands in a whole new light now! cheers, Dave