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40mm projectile


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Hi Guys, does anyone know what this 40mm APC projectile is?No stampings can be seen through paint,has a 20mm diameter threaded cavity in base,which reduces in size at a depth of 35mm to 14mm diameter ,total cavity depth is 70mm.Projectile length is 120mm.The driveband seems to be identical to the 2pdr antitank projectiles, but is the profile of the cap correct for this round?Could it be a practice APC?


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The projectile looks like a WW2 German APC one from the shape of the cap but the lack of stamps and the shape of the driving band make me question it. Does anyone have a German WW2 40mm APC round to compare this with ?
Best regards Weasel.
Here is mine. A 40mm round made bij ENZ in 1942 and also a practice round. The markings are: ENZ42/7 Ub and a waa stamp


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APC Projectile

Hi thanks for your photo,seems to be the same.The driveband on mine may have been over zealously cleaned with emery clothe perhaps?So a German practise APC afterall.