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42mm cut off case restoration.


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A while ago I came across a really strange case with design numbers around the base and the neck cut off. I then realised that it was a Red Queen that some mad person had ruined. At the time I didn't have a complete round so decided to repair it by fitting a new neck to it.
This was done by putting a section of a damaged German 37mm case onto the Red Queen case (the bit I cut out of the German case was half way down a tapered case so was in fact 42mm)
All I had was a line drawing to work off but as it worked out the repair proved to be the exact length.
Attached a couple of photos of the case before the repair, the design numbers on the side and the repaired case.
I'm sure you metal working experts out there could have done a much better job but it was close enough for me.


  • Red queen cut off 1.jpg
    Red queen cut off 1.jpg
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    Red queen cut off 2.JPG
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Looks like the repair came out quite well.

Whoever took a hacksaw to that case deserves a kicking.
I cant belive what some people willl do to cases and a Red Queen at that. Nice repair it gives the look of a complete case.
Best Weasel.
Hi, yes, thanks for the link. Its a very good web site.