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45mm petals


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Attached are a few photos of the latest addition. A couple of petals for a 45mm apfsds round.
Has anyone got any pictures of what the complete round would look like. Possibly a 45mm CTA?

Length 132mm
Diameter of petal at widest point 45mm
Diameter of place where the dart goes 8.16mm

One is marked 38 and the other 50 so clearly not a matching pair but it'll do for a start.



  • 20 August 2009 008.jpg
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C F Force/smoothbore !

Unless I am not seeing something here it looks like they have been fired from a "smoothbore" weapon ?

Wonder what makes the petals separate without any centrifugal force ???

Lovely items Dave. (as usual)
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Nice stuff Dave. Interesting design, only two pieces. They open up because the wide part in photo 3 is at the front. The air pushes into the cone shape in the front pushing out on the petals, and the smaller diameter area behind the front of the sabot causes a vacuum pulling the petals apart. There is a slight rotation of the dart, as the fins usually have a slight cant to cause enough rotation to keep the dart stable.
I don't think they're from the 45mm CTA. If you look in your ECRA Bulletin #510 (October 2007) you'll see a pic on the front page of sectioned 45mm CTA roounds, both APFSDS and HE. Not all of the sabot can be seen, but the shape of the visible bit looks quite different (it's supported only in the front part, with a long taper down to the penetrator diameter).