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47mm littlejohn, bofors littlejohn, 2 pounder littlejohn


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Attached are a couple of pictures of some littlejohn rounds.
On the left is the 47x340R Swiss anti tank round. Headstamp photo included also.
In the middle the 40x311SR littlejohn
On the right the 2 pounder 40x304R mk 2 littlejohn.

If anyone has any information on the Swiss 47mm gun I'd be interested in hearing from them.



  • 47mm Littlejohn.jpg
    47mm Littlejohn.jpg
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  • 47mm littlejohn headstamp.JPG
    47mm littlejohn headstamp.JPG
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Gorgeous rounds Dave....Im still looking for a 2Pdr Littlejohn Mk1 myself, however, I was able to pickup a second MK2 today, this time with the correct case.

So here are my collection of Littlejohns.
British Littlejohns.jpg
Top - 2Pdr Mk2 Littlejohn with correct case
Middle - 2Pdr Mk2 Littlejohn with std 2Pdr case
Bottom - 37mm Littlejohn and std M16 37mm case.

And here's a close up of the correct case and ordinary case. The correct case being the upper round.
Brtiish Littlejohn Mk2 Case Crimps.jpg

Come on everyone, lets see some more Littlejohns.

A 2 pdr Mk 1 Littlejohn and some other stuff...


20x138B (German 2 cm Kwk 30/38 APCR), 28x187R (German 28/20mm PzB 41 - Gerlich squeezebore), 37x94R (French 37mm Mle 1935 APCR), 37x249R (German 3,7 cm PaK 36 Pzgr.40), 37x263B (German BK 3,7 Pzgr.40), 40x304R (British 2 pdr APSV Mk 1: Littlejohn squeezebore)
A few more littlejohn projectiles.

Thanks Rich, good rounds also, yes the crimped in ones are nice........ and hard to find. Tony that's a great 37x263B.

Attached a few more pictures.

A fired flat head proof of what I assume is a 17 pounder, its certainly the correct measurements. It originated in a British establisment. Its been fired without the littlejohn attachment so has engraving but no squeezing has taken place. The first photo shows it next to a 6pr6cwt littlejohn (shown elsewhere on the forum) and a 2 pounder mk 2 for scale.

Second photo is of the bases of the above projectiles.

Third photo is of the other side of the 17 pounder littlejohn flat head proof - to show where it hit something, shame about that but at least it proves the projectile has flanges that move as opposed to being a solid lump of metal made to look like one, you can see where the flange has become distorted from the rest of the body.

Last photo of a couple of 2 pounders mk1(in fired correct case) and mk2 (in unfired correct case).

The interesting thing about these projectiles is that the 17pr, 6pr and mk 1 two pounder all squeeze forwards i.e. the flange moves forwards as it gets squeezed, the 2 pounder mk 2 squeezes the other way.



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Hi Peter, your English is very good!
I will find the case and take a photograph of the headstamp tomorrow.
its better than his Peter, he comes from Wales - they really struggle to speak English over there! Another dave
Hi SG500,

What is the stamp of the second case?


Hi Peter, attached is a picture of the headstamp on the second case (Bofors littlejohn).


  • 18 April 09 029.JPG
    18 April 09 029.JPG
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Just to add another picture or two of a 2pr LittleJohn Mk1 acquried recently. Projectile is stamped AP 2PR S V I T T amoungst others and dated 5/43

Best Weasel.


  • Littlejohn 001.jpg
    Littlejohn 001.jpg
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  • Littlejohn 004.jpg
    Littlejohn 004.jpg
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Very nice, Weasel. I notice that where it says "2 Pdr No 2", the last 2 has been barred out and a 5 substituted. There was another similarly marked case shown on another thread a week or so ago, and I thought then that the "bar" was just a random dent rather than a proper cancelling mark. But as it appears on your case as well, it is presumably official. Anybody know the story behind it, please, and what it signifies?
Thanks for your comments, i am very pleased with it, Hi Ben as you say these are hard to find it has taken me years to get one. I am not sure what the significance of the No 2 crossed out and restamped 5 is. I have not seen that on any other 2pr case.
You often see stampings crossed out and re-stamped when a case has been re-loaded but this seems different...does anyone have the answer.
Best regards Weasel.