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5.5mm pinfire blank


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Picked up this 5.5mm ? pinfire blank round today at pudsey ,cut it when i got home..no markings other than a no5 ..can anyone tell me more about this round


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I can tell you that its a top job on the cut owd lad!
It certainly didnt look like that when i handed it you you earlier today!


Nice job!

Must have been a very "delicate" job to cut that one Allan, well it turned out nice !

All I know about pinfire cartridges is that if you drop them on a hard surface they can go off which is a bit worrying !:bawling:=:nurse:=:embarassed:
thanks for the comments everyone
Birdseye i just use a fine metal file on small items like this
Spotter, what exactly does the 5 look like on the headstamp and I can tell you the manufacturer. I have about 50 variations with just a 5 on the base.
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these ok for you


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This was made by Sellier and Bellot, at their factory in Schnebeck/Elbe, Germany.

This factory was later sold to Wrttembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG (WMF) as S&B condensed their operations to just their locations in Czechoslovakia.

Here is a poor copy of the box that the ball rounds of this same cartridge would have came in. The blanks would be in very similar box with maybe a sticker stating they were blanks.

I think pinfire ammo was very common in the 19th century but fell out of favour in the early 20th century, mainly because of the hazard to safety that it posed. For about a year in the late 1980s I was in charge of a `returned ammo register', receiving mainly SAA from police and military sources, for disposal. All the pinfire stuff had to be packed very carefully in tissue paper then into small boxes and then into ammo boxes.
ive also got this little fat one ,with a no12 stamped on the bottom,sorry its not very clear (cant take more pics as its now behind glass)


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Hello Allan,
Here are two 7mm pinfires, one blank and the other ball. Both are inert.
Headstamps for both are; 7 over ELEY.


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