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5 more images added


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Will eventually have the whole show such as it is in my Album.

I am putting it there rather than in the collections thread so that it is all in one place , easier access and easy to update. But I guess comments and questions, suggestions etc will have to be here.

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Hi Gordon,
Hope you don't mind me putting a link in your last post to your album, That is a massive collection really comprehensive. Thank you for posting it for us to see, lots of very nice rounds. I must have a closer look in a minute. Best regards Weasel.

Very impressive collection. It is so well organized that I can tell that you have spent a lot of time organizing it and researching the items, plus all the photoshop work. Very very nice!

37mm album photographs

Hello Gordon,

Thank you for sharing the five new photographs of your fabulous 37mm collection. Your album is becoming a superb reference source.

Best regards,


Well done Gordon, you are the 37mm man, still going through those cd's you sent me and they have been very helpful. a real attribute to the hobby. Respectfully...Dano
There are lurking

Many far in advance of me ~

maybe I can outlive them :xd:

But I will do what I can, as I can.
37mm collection

Wow, I realised you were very knowledgeable on them and must have a great collection but that really is something to be proud of. Just had a quick look but will take time and look hard. 2pr