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.50 Cal Help


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I have 2 of these, doesnt seem to be much information stamped on them.

Any information about these would be great, i am also looking for 2 bullets for these to make them complete rounds, any idea on where i may beable to get a couple?



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Ball rounds

Kynoch manufacture with Blue annulus indicates rounds were "Ball".

Should be easy enough to pick up a pair of projectiles for the cases, I expect someone on the site will have a few spare.
Thanks for the information guys, now i know exactly what i am looking for i can start hunting for the projectiles.


These are Kynoch made rounds, probably Ball M33 type and were most likely made for an export contract. You really need the box label to know exactly what they are, as that is a generic headstamp and may have been used on tracer or AP, even though the annulus colour indicates ball.

Up until the Falklands war the British had no real interest in .50 Browning except for the spotting rifle on Chieftain tanks (L11A1 & 2, L13A1 rounds), and even after that there was no rush to re-equip with them.

BTW, the annulus colour is purple. Blue is incendiary.

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Here is a typical Kynoch label for M33 ball.



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Hi Darren further to your other post here`s a pic of my spare 40 proj & two .50`s
The 40 is complete & unfired but has a part of the drive band defaced.
The .50 on the left is a modern tracer in v good cond & the one onthe right is a bit older.
PM me if you areinterested.I also have some .50 drill roundsin VGC & other complete ones inc WW2


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