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50 caliber browning headstamp

In a previous post (could not locate the thread) someone had asked to show a pic of the headstamp of a pair of 50 caliber Browning machine gune bullets I have. Here is the best I can do until I get new camera..Dano


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appreciate it.

Thanks, Missingsomething, has no idea the DM was for Des Moines Iowa. I don't really collect the things but came in as part of a major barter deal and since they're wartime they seem pretty cool, and the 50 caliber Browning has quite a history in itself. thanks again, Dano
- The list of the headstamp markings for the .50" Browning [12.7X99] rimless rounds manufactured in USA during WW2 is: <B> [the letter "B" inside of a diamond frame] and "BBC" (Bridgeport Brass Co., Bridgeport, CT); "DM" (Des Moines Ordnance Plant, Des Moines, Iowa); "FA" (Frankford Arsenal, Phiadelphia, PA); "KS" (Allegheny Ordnance Plant, probably from Cumberland, MD); "LC" (Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Independence, Missouri); "LM" (Lowell Ordnance Plant, Lowell, Mass.); "M" (Milwaukee Ordnance Plant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin); "RA" (Remington Arms Co. Inc., Bridgeport, CT); "SD" (Sparklet Devices Inc., Dover Division, Dover, Ohio); "SL" (Saint Louis Ordnance Plant, St Louis, Missouri); "SMCo" (Stant Manufacturing Co., Connersville, Indiana); "TW" (Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant, Minneapolis, Minn.); "U" or "UT" (Utah Ordnance Plant, Salt Lake City, Utah). => Solid steel 12.7X99 / .50" dummy rounds were marked "ALAT" and made at Alameda in California. Orita 07/11/09