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.55\" Boys Round


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Sectioned round clearly sowing the size of the AP core. Sectioned round dated 1942. Shown next to a complete round for comparison.
I never knew that so much of these rounds were AP i dont know why they bothered with a jacket hardly worth it ,nice round weasel.
I know what you mean about the jacket, there is no around the AP core. I dont have any more sectioned AP round to compare it to like the French 25mm for example. I would like to increase my collection of sectioned rounds.
There is one very simple reason why they bothered with the jacket. Without it to act as a cushion the hardened steel core would wear put the rifling in the barrel in a few shots!

Hi TonyE,
Thanks for your post, i understand the need for a jacket around the core i was not expecting the core to be so large. I guess i am used to looking at larger caliber shot, where there is a much larger sabot or jacket around the core. Due i am sure to the weight of the AP core and the need for a high velocity in order for it to perform it's job.