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57 x 223R


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Howdy Fellow collectors,

Can anyone tell me please what they know about a cart. 57mm x 223mmR x 70mm Rim dia, it has a N only as as headstamp?

I believe it to be used by Belgium of Nordenfelt design, any ideas on what era & what gun it was used in?

The guy who owns it thinks it was used in the Boer War??


Regards Ozzi.
But having checked out the headstamp I could be wrong..........hum!!
57 223r

I think these were rounds for the Nordenfelt gun used by the Belgians and captured by the Germans then used in their AF7 (?) tanks. Your case is typical Nord. design. Cases exist with Patronnen Fab. Karlsruhe stampings of 1916. As to Boer war use dont know but there are various web sites on that conflict and one I saw listed what weapons each side used. 2pr