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John B

I have a question please. I have just bought a Martini Henry 577 VR stamped 1886. It's one of those that came from Nepal, and was full of grease and grime, but has cleaned up like new, and thats no lie

I know 577 is an obsolete calibre but can you still get them in black powder? is it possible to still shoot it legally?

just a thought guys

For a start, your Martini Henry is in .577/450 calibre, not .577 Snider.

It is still possible to purchase cases for this calibre and load them, but not loaded rounds. The last of those were the Kynoch made ones in the 1960s.

However, once you want to shoot a weapon that is on the obsolete calibre list it immediately reverts to being a Section 1 firearm and needs to be on a Firearms Certificate. Then you need an explosives permit to purchase black powder.

If you are found to have a live round for the rifle it invalidates the obsolete calibre dispensation.

sorry Tony i thought i put 577/450. did i mention Snider? Not sure now:eek:oh:

anyway, thanks for the clarification. I'll get it put onto my section 1 then they'll be no arguments

I have a couple of 577/450 kynoch rounds, but they are burdan primed not boxer

Hi john B,
You can get preloaded rounds from Old Western Scrounger in Montague California & 2nd Amendment Research & Devopment Corporation in Gleeson,Arizona
Regards Tony