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5cm and 7.5cm German ordnance


Not posted in a while, but I've recently purchased a few more 5cm and 7.5cm rounds to add to my collection. Does anyone on this forum also collect german 5cm and 7.5cm rounds? in particular, gemran tungsten rounds.

Better yet does anyone have any for sale


wolf ,having almost 0 knoweledge of german stuff what are the rounds in your picture
The rounds from left to right are: -

5cm L/42 (eg Panzer III ausf F-J)
1. 5cm KWK38 with Pzgr 40 ausf\"A\" APCR Projectile
2. 5cm KWK38 with Pzgr 39 APCHE Projectile
3. 5cm KWK38 with Spgr 38 HE Projectile

5cm L/60 (eg Panzer III ausf J/1 to M)
4. 5CM KWK39 with Pzgr 39 APCHE Projectile
5. 5CM KWK39 with Spgr 39 HE Projectile

7,5cm L/24 (eg Panzer IV ausf A-E, Stug III)
6. 7,5cm KWK37 with K.Gr.Pz APCHE Projectile (FES Band)
7. 7,5cm KWK37 with K.Gr.Pz APCHE Projectile (KPS Band)

7,5cm L/43 & L/48 (eg Panzer IV ausf F/2 on, Stug III & IV)
8. 7,5cm KWK40 with Pzgr39 APCR Projectile
9. 7,5cm KWK40 with Kr.rot.Kh. HE Projectile

7,5cm L/70 (eg Panther, Jagdpanzer IV)
10. 7,5cm KWK42 with Pzgr39/42 APCR Projectile

As always, if anyone has any other ordnance to share, pictures, diagrams etc etc...please post !!!

Dont know how i missed this little lot!,
what a great collection mate!
how long to get all these?,are we talking years?