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6 pdr 7cwt Restoration


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Latest restoration of the 6pdr is underway,I managed to knock the gun down in two days but it took quite a bit of brute force and effort,big hammers and all that.
There are various parts of the gun that have not stood time so well ,so I have had to remanufacture some parts and also had parts re-turned.
The trail sections of the gun had also been badly damaged so I have spent alot of time heating and beating back into shape.
know into the re-build things are SLOWLY coming back together,the axle tree is complete with new brake parts etc and I am currenly working on the second trail so I should have a restored gun carriage within the next few weeks.
next on the list is the cradle and recuperator.



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Thank you

Very nice Rob and thank you for the update.
Please keep us posted.

Nice project to be undertaking, where do you get the weapons from ??
I doubt you would find any in scrap yards in this country !
Hi Folks
Just an update on the 6 pdr restoration,I assembled the carriage today with great ease and without knocking too much paint off.The trails turned out OK considering the very poor state they were in prior restoration.
Attached is a few pics,next on the list is the recuperator...more to come.



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Excellent, Quality restoration. You must have facilities most of us can only dream of, not that i'm jealous though.......not much.....
6 pdr Restoration

Just an update regarding the 6 pounder, I completed the carriage about a month ago after finaly fitting the recuperator,the barrel and slipper on the the other hand have taken quite a while to put right due to the excessive corrosion,I have had to cut most of the rot out and fabricate new parts.
I managed to fit the breech ring on sunday and give the whole thing a coat of paint and it seems to have turned out OK,still lots to do considering it is only a small gun but as a part of my job I drive a gritter and it is that time of year again so things will ease off a little till spring !!

Pics attached

Seasons Greetings. Rob..........rnixartillery collection.


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Apologies for not updating this thread but the 6 pdr gun was finaly completed in January this year after being shelved for 12 months due to lack of parts etc.
It was well worth the effort restoring the gun and makes a very welcome addition to my collection ! I am currently working on another British Gun which is a one off...............!

Very nice,you should feel justifyably proud of your achievements,congratulations,well done,and thanks for saving and restoring a piece of our history,