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6-Pdr Special


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Hi everyone,
Some time ago, I bought from a junk shop a cut-down brass shell-case. The head-stamps are as follows:-
At 12o'clock (well, more like 12.30 actually) is 6PR SPL over II;
At 3o'c is V.S.M. I over 8 CWT. The I has been barred out, and to the right of it is an A in a circle, with a punch mark, which I understand means that it has been re-annealed and reloaded twice.
At 6 o'c is a "Broad Arrow" over N over the old Maxim Nordenfelt monogram, this monogram having been barred out.
At 9 o'c is E.O.C over V.
All these markings face inwards towards the primer (which was a push-in type about 12mm in diameter, but the hole has been filled with solder), so you have to rotate the head to read them.
The case is now only 242mm long, and its outside diameter there is 72.85mm. The diameter across the rim is 85.9mm, so it is fatter than the 6-pdr Hotchkiss. I have not been able to identify the gun for which this case was intended, when it would have been used, or the correct length of the case. Can anybody out there help please?