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6pdr and 13pdr

As fate would have it the 6 and 13pdr casings arrived on the same day, the 6pdr from Pennsylvania, and the 13 pdr from Blighty. On the base of 6pdr is 1917 CF K 6PR III and broad arrow, Base of 13pdr 13PR 1918 V.S.M. LOT 253 II CF F CW and broad arrow. My camera sucks too bad to get a good base shot.


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13pdr base shot

Well, the guy I bought it from ha s a good camera. this is 13pdr base


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Your 13 Pdr case is for the antiaircraft gun. It is basically an 18Pdr case necked down to hold the 13 Pdr projo. There is another case type for the 13 Pdr, which is for the Field Gun. It is a straight case with minimal taper.

Thanks for the info on the 13pdr Hazord, appreciate it, guess i'll have to find the std artillery case..Dano