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6pdr AP manufacture stamps


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I have had this projectile for a few years and the story was it was liberated during production.
This would appear to fit as the black finish looks original but obviously there are no colour bands and a tracer has never been fitted.

It has very nice stamps as follows:

AP 6PR 7CWT 111T
BS NCF G 1 9 41

Has anyone any idea if the BS NCF G will ID where it was manufactured?

Many Thanks
Thank you Andy for your reply.

Sorry for my delay but I was waited for others to complete the answer to my quest.
Unfortunately that has not happened as yet.

Maybe that information is just not available. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

I did notice the date was very early.
When did the 6pdr come into production?

As far as I know this projectile was made in one of the factories in Belfast. But I don't know which one it might be.
The 6 pdr was designed in 1938 its introduction was delayed by the severe losses at dunkirk in 1940 so the 2 pdr was kept in production until 1942 when the 6 pdr was introduced.
Hope this helps .
Its not a prototype projectile.

September 1941 is an early date but its a standard production Mk IIIT A.P. Shot.


Picture of stampings on a round similar to StielGr's.

Many thanks for your picture Quatermass.

I can see it has the same stamp of:
Very unlikey your projectile came from the same source so if this isn't a manufactures mark...what does it mean?

Anyone worked it out yet?
I've also got a Mk VIIT A.P. Shot that dated 12/42 and also stamped N.C.F.G.

I believe its a manufacturer mark. Somebody out there must have a list of Manufacture's initials/trade marks?

I would agree its the maker's monogram. Yes I have, but no listing for NCFG
NCF = New Crown Forgings Ltd, this was a subsidiary company of 'Stewart & Lloyds' formed solely for dealing with government contracts in the run up to WWII. The first factory was at New Crown Works, Wednesbury, hence the name. With the outbreak of war the subsidiary grew and grew with plants the length and breadth of the UK. The 'G' more than likely relates to the particular factory and could be Glasgow, Globe or Govan. Their output was nothing short of phenomenal;

56,725,000 shell forgings from 3" to 9.2"
10,000,000 finished machine shell from 3" to 6"
8,000,000 armour piercing shot from 6pdr and above
17,000,000 other projectiled and ammunition components.

They were also responsible for manufacturing PLUTO - Pipe Line Under The Ocean for DDay.

Tim. G.
Excellent research Tim, where do you get all your information from?

As you say phenomenal numbers.

In this case a bit of luck. I saw a book on ebay about 'Stewart and Lloyds' and their war output. This somewhat picqued my interest as I had no listings for them. Got the book through ABE for less money and therein was the above account. Still odd, that in light of the vast quantities of ordnance they produced I haven't got a listing for NCF - but I have now!


Tim. G.
Very much appreciate the fact you have taken the time to past on this excellent research work....many thanks :)

Unfortunately for me it would seem the projectile therefore has no link to Belfast but it is good to have a successful solution to the mystery.

One last thing Tim.
Do you know any WW2 manufacturing codes for Belfast?


In response to your request of some time ago I have 'JMB' listed for a "Jos Mackie & Sons, Ltd." of Manchester. I have no actual listings for Belfast or Northern Ireland which is rather odd as there was no shortage of engineering companies there then. A lot of the listings are just 'UK' If you have any specific companies yu would like checked, don't hestitate to ask.


6pr 7cwt AP shot

Tim G

Thanks to your posting of April 2008 in the BOCN forum, I now know the name of the maker of the shot found in a local pond. With other members of a local group, I was clearing the pond of weed. We couldn't find the brass case but came up with a NAAFI tea cup!

Another stamp on the side shows 'BS' which also appears on the picture of the 6pr shot in the forum thread. Also there is '100' stamped on the drive band and round the other side is the govt. stamp broad arrow. Do you have any clues on these please? The drive band is largely unmarked. I guess this means it has not been fired.

The tracer round in the base is not properly seated in its threads which makes me think the shot was for exhibition or ornament.

I look forward to your reply, than you.



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Alas, I don't know the significance of 100 stamped on the driving band. You're quite correct, it hasn't been fired.

The 'BS' indicates that it was 'Bored from the bar (steel)' as opposed to cast forged etc.