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6pounder 6cwt


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I thought the attached photo would be of interest.
It shows 2 X 6pr 6cwt cases that have been cut down next to one that is the correct length.
When I get hold of cases like this it makes me want to have strong words with the person who cut them - why didn't they chose a common case!! The reason I got them is because they have headstamps I've never seen on such cases before.

Does anyone out there have any 6pr6cwt cases or complete rounds? If so please post your pictures. There are all sorts of types, the relatively common HE ones (I say relatively because they are still really rare!!) as well as apc, apcbc and littlejohn.

If anyone has any spare ones they want to sell or swap please let me know, I'm always on the look out for them.



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6 Pdr. AA projectile

This is one of the projectile types for your case I had a while back. It had been made into a lamp and was polished. The fuse was separate. These turn up over here now and again but never the cases.


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Thanks, you guys do like your lamps over on that side of the pond - e bay always seem to have a selection of trench art lamps.
Nice projectile, you have the same problem as me, getting the fuze is incredibly difficult. I've got a couple of HE projectiles minus fuzes.
6pdr 6cwt

Howdy SG500,

Are the two "cut " carts the same length?

What is the length of the cut ones, I have 1 of ea (cut & uncut), I was thinking maybe the short ones may be blanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very rare beast here in Australia, & we never see projectiles for them, I would love to get one to complete mine!

Regards Ozzi.
6pdr 6cwt

Headstamps on the ones I have are very faint & would'nt hold talc for a pic.

Reproduced below.


Lot VA
899 TV

^ 1944



^ 1944

Regards Ozzi.
Hi Ozzi, thanks for the information on the headstamps. Very interesting. I'm surprised by the high lot numbers considering the lack of guns and ammunition that was made in the first place.

The cases I've got are definitely cut, neither are that well done........
They are both 280mm long and the mouth is 75mm across (as opposed to the correct 60mm on the full length case).

The headstamps on the cut cases are:


842 TV
^ 1944


860 TV
^ 1944

I'll post some pictures tomorrow of my 2 complete cases. One of them (the one in the first picture in this posting) is dated 1960!!!!! Why was anyone making them 16 years after the trials?

Just a photo of the 1960 headstamp.
Anyone got any ideas?


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    6pdr 6cwt 0031.JPG
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Attached a photo of a couple of projectiles plus case.
Also the littlejohn version (base fuzed HE) shown next to a 6pr 7cwt apds for scale.

Does anyone have any further written info on the 6pr6cwt that they can post. I'm looking for info on the number of guns produced, line drawings of the ammunition, colour coding of the ammunition, any design numbers, variations of head stamps etc. etc.




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Do you have the disc The Machin e Gun by Col Chinn

Has a section on the automatic 6pdr. gun as aircraft mounted
Hi at last I finally got a fuze for it. The 370.
A couple of photos attached. Two of the fuze, a complete projectile next to a 12,8cm projectile, one of the stampings on the 6pr6cwt projectile.


  • 370 fuze 1.JPG
    370 fuze 1.JPG
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    370 fuze 2.JPG
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  • 6pr6cwt stampings projectile.BMP.JPG
    6pr6cwt stampings projectile.BMP.JPG
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Yes it is. The 6 pdr 6cwt was an experimental late-WW2 twin automatic AA gun which is described and illustrated in Hogg's "British & American Artillery of WW2".
But wasn't the WWI cut-down tank gun also called a "6 pdr 6 cwt" ? How did the British keep track of these guns ? Were these names re-usable once the old version was declared obsolete ? Or was "6 pdr 6 cwt Hotchkiss" by definition a different beast to just "6 pdr 6 cwt" (scratches head)..
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I don't know. The standard WW1 Hotchkiss 6 pdr, as originally used in tanks in its long-barrelled form, was the 8 cwt. I don't recall ever seeing a designation for the shortened version.
The short barrelled 6 PDR Hotchkiss was the 6 PDR., 6CWT., Mk II.

It was still in use during the second world war as an A/T gun in pillboxes and mounted on armoured trains.

The 8CWT and 6CWT had different propellant loadings so the ammunition was not interchangeable.
Wow, what a lot of 6 pounders..........has anyone out there got a 6 pounder Davies gun round they can post a picture of on the forum just to confuse us all.

The 6pounders that I am referring to on this thread are the 6PR 6CWT MK III.

If the Hotchkiss was the MK II does anyone have any idea what the MK I was of didn't it exist?

6pr 7cwt

Isn't that the Molins 6pr7cwt gun?

Hi Dave.

I was sifting through my collection and although i am not into shells
i had this and wondered what the difference is between 6cwt and 7cwt

Best phil


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