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6PR 7CWT blank


Ordnance approved
Got this off Ebay, I was hoping it was a reused round that was later stamped Blank. Thoughts anyone?
The "Blank" stamp is at an angle to the other markings and is deeper. The "L" in Lot seems a different font to the "L" in blank

Hi LCplCombat,

I have a case with exactly the same markings.

There are no C/F or C/R stampings so I believe it was manufactured as a blank and not a conversion from a used service case.

Its also possible that it was manufactured as a service case and then converted to blank before it was filled?

Blank ?

Much as Quatermass states, I also believe that "Blank" cartridges were made from "reject" service cases as during manufacture there were many "casualties" during the drawing process with splits toward the neck being very common-so what better way to utilise these scrap items than simply convert them to an alternative use.

Chris :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
I think Chris has hit the nail on the head.

Its entirely possible that this batch had failed its inspection for some reason, and the cases were converted to blanks.

According to Doug Knight in 'The 6-pounder anti-tank gun in Canadian service':

'In 1944, Government inspectors condemned 1.5 million rounds of Canadian produced 6 pounder ammuntion,The cartrdge casings, produced in Windsor, Ontario, split on firing and jammed in the chamber. The investigation revealed that the assembly line foreman was inadequately qualified, and had failed to maintain the apparatus that verified the heat treatment of brass casings'.

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