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7.35 Carcano used by Finnish army


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This is repacked 7.35 used by the Finns.


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I didn't know the Finns used it but I suppose they took whatever they could get.

I recently heard an interesting explanation for the Italian choice of the 7.35mm calibre. The cartridge was of course based on the standard 6.5mm Carcano case and the intention was to adapt existing 6.5mm weapons to use a more modern round with a pointed bullet. The calibre was increased to 7.35mm because the Italians had a lot of weapons with worn-out barrels and it was cheaper to ream them out to a larger calibre than it was to replace the barrels.
Very hard to find these packages here any longer. Finnish army sold these guns and ammo to Interarmco in early 50's :tinysmile_angry_t: