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7.5cm WW1 case ID needed

Burney Davis

Premium Member
Can anyone positively ID this brass/steel case and the projectile(s) that it was mated with (pictures attached). It is 75mm x 129mm with rim diameter of 84.5mm (ish) and is not cut down. It was made by Rhinemetal and also has their primer. It is dated 1918.

The closest fit I can find is 7.5cm Geb K model 1912 although it is very similar to the Geb K 15 Skoda case which is all brass. Was it an export case and used in Turkey? Any help would be appreciated and reference sources if available would be great.

BD :tinysmile_shy_t:


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Data say for mountain gun 75 mm Skoda 1915
for: Deutshe 7.5cm Gr
8cm Schr Autrian
75 mm Schr Austrian
They say separate case L 129 mm and don't say that It is in brass
Perhaps it could be it and you have seen the same datas