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7.62mm nato


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I have in my collection a 7.62 nato round which is headstamped RG 54 7.62 A1, it is clearly marked,not a miss-strike, am I correct in thinking that this round is a trials example,I know that the trials bayonet at this time carried an x code(was never excepted)

It is an early issue Ball L2A1 round rather than a trials round.

The very first trials rounds were unheadstamped, and the headstamp sequence after that was:

RG 53

RG 54

RG 54 7.62

RG 54 7.62 A1

RG 55 7.62 A1

RG 55 7.62 L2A1

RG 55 7.62 L2A2

The "7.62" part of the headstamp was dropped for 1957 production and replaced by the NATO acceptance stamp that year.

The difference between the L2A1 and the L2A2 is that the latter has a thickened web to the case because of separated cases with the L2A1 when fired in the L4 series 7.62mm Bren guns. There were also problems of accuracy with the L2A1, but after experimantation with different bullet diameters they went the other way and reduced the diameter of the barrel.