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7,7cm bursting shell info pls


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i would appreciate if anyone could provide me with info, images, schemes, cutaways of german 7,7 cm shrapnel shell.

thank you
Some Info:

Germen Artillery shrapnel Shells

7.7 cm Shrapnel contained 300 gm lead balls 45 to the lb.
The 7.7 cm Ballonkanone was a German 77 mm anti-aircraft gun of the Great War. The 7.7 cm Ballonkanone fired a 7.85 kg shrapnel shell to an effective ceiling of 3050 meters with a muzzle velocity of 485 meters-per-second.

Not sure if this is the same info you require, I have no pics, but I will look...

Try This:

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i have only found this information so far but will keep looking


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similar in French language


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recently during mine clearance task near sarajevo, bosnia and herzegovina we have found aprox a dozen of bursting rounds that we identified as 7,7 cm shrapnel shells. on same task we also found several brixia mod 1935 grenades and few PAK 3,7 cm rounds.
i did some research and i have found that on that spot was german railway depot during wwii. now i am confused that wwi ammo remaining is found next to wwii uxo.
7,7cm bursting shell information pls

Hi al'saad,

Most countries kept some WW1 equipment into WW2. I believe UK kept the 18 Pdr until 1944 (if I'm wrong someone will soon correct me). This was often used by Reserve forces or militias.

The Germans were fighting in many theatres of war and it was common for older equipment to be sent to places where they would not meet the latest enemy equipment.

They also used a great deal of captured equipment.

It must have been an interesting time to be an Ammunition Technician.

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