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7.92 Boxes.


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Even if the law bans ammo,these are a safe bet. I dont do german ammo, but the sheer amount of variation in the packaging,let alone the ammo means these are cheap and interesting to collect.
I have an idea !! There seems to be a fair amount of info available on manufacturers etc for this stuff on the web. It gives me something else to collect,as good british ammo is hard to find. I used to have quite a few of these years ago.but stupidly sold them.anybody else have an interest in these?(probably a stupid question!)
Personally they are not my thing but i can see why people do collect packaging as you say so much variation ,,i think i have some stuff on ammunition packaging if ive time this weekend i will try find it and post it for you
yes, I have a collection of ammo boxes Tony, next time you visit you can have a look - was that the idea you had in mind? Dave
tony, next time yoy visit, remind me to show you my collection of naval shells in the garage, Dave:laugh:
It wouldnt surprise me if you had a secret bunker in your garden!! I know you told me you had an aircraft nose in there once.Cheers Tony.
A few boxes 8mm & 7.92 Mauser

Some photos of boxes



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so few words, so much information!

From one extreme to another. Just picked up some yugoslavian (i think) ammo boxes for 7.62 x 39 blank. Absoloutly nothing on the box what so ever! Cases are steel with red crimp seal and brass primer. H/s 10 09 Any ideas anyone?
Even if the law bans ammo,these are a safe bet. I dont do german ammo, but the sheer amount of variation in the packaging,let alone the ammo means these are cheap and interesting to collect.
A label really gives a lot of information.

For the guys who are interested?

15 Patronen sS
(15 Cartridges heavy ball.)
P.25. 21. L. 40
(P.25 = code for Metallwarenfabrik Treuenbritzen G.m.b.H., Plant Sebaldushof, lot 21 from 1940.)
Nz.Gew. Bl. P (2.2.045)
(Nitrocellulose rifle powder 2x2x0,45mm.)
Mog. 1940/60
(Powder factory Moschwig lot 60 from 1940)
Patrh.: S. : (Stahl) lack. P. 25. 91. L. 40
(Cartridge case Steel lacquered P25 91.th lot of 1940)
Gesch. : P.25 13. L. 40- Zdh 88 D.W.M. 979. L. 40
(Bullet P.25 13 th lot of 1940 primer mod. 88, Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabrik, 979 th lot of 1940)
Red stamp Fr MG means for machine guns

Inside the box there are cases with a green annulus color with a head stamp;
P25 VIa1 91 40 see picture.
That means the steel came from plant with a code VI = Rheinmetall-Borsig A.G., Dsseldorf.
The steel case cup was made by a = Verein. Deutsche Metallwerke, plant Altena/Westfalen.
And the steel mix 1 was C 0,15 - 0,22 %, Mn 0,4%, Si 0,12%, P 0,03%, S 0,03%

It makes more fun to collect 7,9 boxes if you know what the label means.



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I dont have a lot 91 but i've a couple of fired lot 90's



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I have a few 7.92 boxes going spare if any one wants one I have a few 1953 & 1956 dated left just pm me I have them full of fired cases as well if anyone wants to swap

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What significance, if any, is the blue stripe on the label?


Here is my small collection that I saved from a stack of over 1 million rounds of WW2 German 7.92 ammunition that was to be destroyed at a Bosnian cantonment site during my last tour there in 2000. It all appeared just as I was doing my handover with the incoming unit and I didn't have time to grab any more than shown :cry: There were lots of the larger "battle packs" of ammo that I wish I could have grabbed not to mention the original wood crates..... what a shame.


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