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7.92 Label


Since 7.92 BESA seems to be the flavour of the week, and we have also been discussing labels, I thought you might like to see this.

The label is unusual for a couple of reasons. It is for 1110 rounds, which is not a multiple of 32, 48 or 50, the usual British packing quantities, but it is a multiple of 15. Also, there is no Mark number assigned to the ammunition, just "Ball 7.92mm"

I think this is the label for the Greek ball ammo purchased by Britain in 1940 and which was packed in 15 round packets. This was made by the Greek Powder Co. (Pouderie et Cartouche Hellene) and we bought both ball and AP. The first batches of ball were headstamped "P C H 40" and the later ones "PC 40 Iz". The AP rounds had the "PC 40 Iz" headstamp but with a green annulus and some had a hand stamped "W" in front of the "Iz".

These rounds were not made by Kynoch for Greece, as so many people seem to believe. I have the contract details of the purchase from the Ministry of Supply records.



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