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7.92 or 8mm cartridges


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Can anyone help me with identifying these please I have been given a few of these cartridges I am pretty sure they are mauser cases but whats with all the headstamps

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Cartridge cases

These appear to be standard Israeli 1950's dated 7.92 m/m x 57 mauser cartridges
Cartridge cases.

The cases you show appear to have manufactured at the Tel Aviv plant of Israeli Military Industries ( the Hebrew characters shown in the headstamp stand for "MIT").
The cases are dated in the 1950's with the month of manufacture given either in roman or western numerals ( e.g. VII 55 or 7-55). The meaning of the "SS" character I think could be a reference to a "heavy ball" bullet. Alas the "Star" symbol eludes me.

Cartridge cases

The "N N" stamps you describe are in actual fact the Hebrew characters that I mentioned earlier. If you look closely you shall see that there in fact three characters separated by two dots.

Yes I see, I am sorry I am new to this so I take a bit of looking after but many thanks for all your help it will be nice to document what all these stamps are in my records.

I have a few spare if anyone wants to swap ?????

cheers Richard
No problem Richard, Glad I could help.... although I must admit I did have to look out some of my reference books on this one!
I said earlier that the"Star" logo eluded me...It has just occured to me that the six point star could only be the national symbol of Israel!

The letters are actually M.Y.T.(Mifal l'Yitzur Tachmoshet), which stands for Ammunition Production Factory. The one dated '52 is a bit different. It has M.Y.N.(Mifal l'Yitzur Neshek), for Weapons Production Factory.
Yes and 1 of the 55 ones has a different set of 3 aswell can you tell me what they are

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The only Hebrew variations you have there are M.Y.T. and M.Y.N. The other markings are all stars, SS for bullet type, and raised and impressed Roman numeral lot codes.
With regards to the Hebrew characters on these cases, I stand corrected and have amended my references accordingly. I now have a few records of my own that shall need updating!!

does anyone know where I can get bullets to go with these cases as I would like to have complete rounds not just the cases

many thanks