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7.9233 Kurz -St headstamp


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Hey guy's. I've got a round of 7.9233 with the headstamp 3/45/oxo/-St (12/3/6/9). So by my reckoning it was production lot 3 of 1945 made in Teuto Metallwerke G.m.b.H. in Osnabrck, Germany. BUT, the -St. As I recall there is -St, St, and St+. I remember St+ means improved steel but can anyone enlighten me as to the other ones?
- St indicates a Single flash hole in the case.

St is the standard steel case construction.

St + is the improved or strengthened steel case.

A further variation is a line on each side of the primer which indicates that the case was manufactured from steel bar stock as oppsed to the normal drawn cup manufacture. (this only appears I believe on 7.9 x 57)
Sort of......imagine a typical berdan primed case with two flash holes with one of the holes absent and the remaining hole slightly larger than normal, ie. a single flash hole but offset to one side, not dead centre like the traditional Boxer primed case.
Thanks Peter. So -St basiclly means Boxer primed?

would not call this a boxer primed cartridge, as the boxer primer has his anvil in the cup. This is still a berdan primed cartridge with the anvil formed from the case material - the dash indicates a manufacturing speeding by only drilling 1 slightly bigger flashhole instead the normal 2.
I add some pictures to show the difference two flashholes aux 30 44 St and one flashhole wa -St 15 44

I look always for boxes 7.92x33 for my collection and pictures from labels for my book about the development and production of the 7.92x33 Kurzpatrone.

8x33 2 Zündlöcher II.jpg8x33 2 Zündlöcher.jpgwa 15 Einloch.jpgwa 15 Einloch B.jpg

It was an improvement of production.
The two holes were drilled in the case. By using one drill, half of the tooling was used.
Because the drill was thicker it did not break so easily.

What do you mean with an improved or strengthened case?
The reason of changing the case is, making cases with the same tooling as the brass case.
The steel case became a thinner wall thickness but the bullet stays the same.
To reduce confusions/mistakes by loading the cartridge, (different powder loadings) they made an additional + in the head stamp.

Added a copy of this order to do this.




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Dutch, Dan Kent (p.120) gives the following meaning for "+"; " termed "Verbessertes Ziehverfahren", an improved drawing procedure with internal dimensions modified for increased strength"

Don’t believe all the thinks that is written in a books.
The problemis if it is written in one or more books it must be true.
To be fair,at the time Dan Kent wrote the book this paper was unknown. His book is also an important part of my library.

The past decade I helped writing many books about German 8 x 57 cartridges. We, the authors,always made the agreement, never writing something we cannot proof.

That’s whythe original document (in German) is added to this posting.

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