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7,92mm. BESA box labels


Hi, Tony you will be pleased to know l found the copies from Jim Stonley's ''label book'' and here are a few on 7,92mm. Enjoy all, Regards, Ron.


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    Box Labels - BESA.jpg
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Great box labels, some of these cartridges are really hard to get now, I bet you couldn't even find 450 of any of them, even the ball. 7.92 Besa is one of my collecting areas.

Thanks Ron. Notice there are no W Mark Iz APs shown.

They do exist but they are very rare.

Was the 'smoke tracer' you posted about in the other thread ever given an official designation, Tony?

The smoke tracers were never given an approval in LoC or any official designation as far as I know. There are other instances of non standard 7.92 rounds being pressed into service at the beginning of the war when it was more important to simply get the rounds into service.

Jim Stonley

Hi, Tony you will be pleased to know l found the copies from Jim Stonley's ''label book'' and here are a few on 7,92mm. Enjoy all, Regards, Ron.

Who is Jim Stonley ? and can I get a copy of his book?


I am afraid Jim Stonley is no longer with us, and the "book" Ron mentions was part of his personal papers.

Jim was a noted firearms scholar and researcher and a wonderful guy. He wrote many articles for the old Guns Review magazine.

Hi read your article on the BESA 7.92 link .I own some WW2 british armour and my turreted vehicles have a coaxial mounted BESA 7.92 . I could not find any ready round tin and foil topped containers ,so had to fabricated the boxes .Belts in 50 round sections are available but expensive the pics these are replicas as the real ones just not about. After any BESA tools or belts should any one know of any .


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BESA boxes

To be totally frank they would work out just far to expensive At present time wise and materials they work outy to about 36 a box .As they go in a vehicle I put expanding foam on the inside to lose the empty noise and spray them in hammerite satin black.I just got to get some Silas twine to go through the corner bits and stick some labels on and I will put some more pics on .The paint is about the closest I can find.Thanks for the comments.I have the BESA complete with spent case catcher.I am after now the 4inch smoke pots bombs or at least the drawings of those items so I can reproduce those.