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7.92mm Besa Incendiary

BESA incendiary.

That is an Incendiary B.Mark IIZ for the BESA gun, introduced in 1943.

There had been problems with the B Mark Iz version exploding in the breech of the gun in the event of a misfeed, and since the breech of the BESA in the turret was a couple of inches from the gunners ear, this was not popular. Gunners took to hanging a sheet of heavy canvas between them and the gun as a protection against splinters of bullet jacket.

The cause was found to be that the trials of the B Mark Iz had been carried out with old SR365 incendiary composition that had gone "stale". When the production version was made with new SR365 it became too sensitive and tended to premature.

The bullet design was changed and became the B Mark IIz.