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70B Anti disturbance fuse


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A couple of shots of one of the rarer Butterfly fuses
Generally complete and not in bad condition.
One picture with the fuse in the armed position.
These were very sensitive and posed a problem
for the Bomb disposal men,as they went of with the
slightest movement.


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    Fuses 003.jpg
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Bloody lovely!

A real nice example there old friend and as you say,its a rare bird i bet?


Nice fuze Phil.
Does anyone know where I can get one please?
Beautiful little nasty thing!
Where can I find the best description of how it functions (arming and firing)- The few descriptions I've found make it sound like a delicately balanced clockwork type of trigger- having trouble figuring this one out!
(by the way- the weather is wonderfully warm here in western Afghanistan!)