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75mm Brandt


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Attached are a few pictures of a 75mm Brandt sabot. Unfortunatley there's not much left, the insides are missing and its been sectioned but there is enough remaining to give the general idea.
I've attached what information I have - I've no idea where the info came from so apologies if I've pinched someones info.
If anyone else has any further information - type of gun, type of shell case, photos of a complete projectile in their collection etc. I would be interested in hearing from them.


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AP Sabot Projectile 75 mm 75/58 Brandt Sabot
for French field gun 7.5mm FK231(german nomenclature) (mle 1937) and 7.5mm K232 (Mle 1897/33)
Caliber 75/38
weight total 5.93 pounds
weight discarding sabot 1.171 pounds
Weight AP core 4.2 pounds
Aluminium body with black ballistic cap

From Restricted German explosive Ordnance USA 1953
TM 9-1985-3/TO 39B-1A-10
Hi thanks for the additional information.
The cap is magnesium not plastic - perhaps there were several types.
Hello Dave, very nice items, als very rare to find, you must be a very happy man, regards \Ben
Thanks Ben, yes, well happy - I seem to be getting lots of rare items recently (also 4.2cm squeezebore) that have had lumps cut out of them, would be even happier if they were not cut.
Not actually cutaway, but a pic of original projectile. I think such photos are quite rare.


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