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75mm French or Italian?


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Can anyone tell me what country these may be from, I feel they maybe either French or Italian?

I have no other detail except this pic! Oh & they are in Europe.


Regards Ozzi.


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shell was a krupp model for export. many nations adopted the gun, italy, turkey, netherlands, belgium, greece......
it seems italian but marking on the fuze or shell are essential. if italian was fired on 75/27 mod 906 krupp and mod 11 deport.
best regards
some italian 75/27 shell
1 some round
2 case and charge
3 marking on charge (75mm mod 1906)
4 explosive and gas (painted) shell
5 shrapnel
best regards


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Thanks for posting the photos. It is good to see the different types and the charge.

75mm French or Italian

Thank you guys for this info, very helpfull & interesting.

Does anyone know if fuzes were interchangeable between countries or did everyone have their own? eg: will an Italian fuze fit a Belgian projectile fuze adapter?

Thanks again,

Regards Ozzi.
Left hand rifling again !

Fert, it is interesting to note that your two fired rounds are fired from a "lefty" with Left Hand Rifling !

Do you happen to know if all of the Krupp weapons were Left Hand Rifled ?

oh. nice shells by the way !
I'm familiar with krupp shells are right hand rifled, as you can see from picture.

Time fuze was similar (italian mod 1906) was a krupp model, but the screwing rifling depends to the bore rifling.
I see on some picture belgian shell with time fuze identical to italian.
here a krupp ftime fuze for turkey
Krupp percussion fuze was adopted by italian like mod 1906, but italian changed it in 1910 (as you can see in picture).
best regards


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