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75mm Pack Howitzer projectiles


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Not the best photo for detail at the moment, but here's a shot of my M64 Smoke round for the M1A1 Pack Howitzer.


I'll get better photographs of this and the M48 HE rounds shortly.

All the best,
Paul Bellamy
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Certainly do......


I'll start getting the photo's together this evening.

All the best,

I pulled one of the crates out of the stack tonight:


Inside, almost what it says on the side:


More to come, mainly fuze related, including one in its fibre tube, and a post-war fuze crate. Just as soon as I get new batteries for the camera. Oops.

Well, still haven't got my old name back, but here a cuaway picture of the cartridge


  • Shell semifixed M48-02.JPG
    Shell semifixed M48-02.JPG
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Ta for that.

That'll be the standard M48 Semi-fixed HE round with the M48 PD Fuze.

Would love to know if anyone has the patterns for the charge bags so I can make some inert (rice-filled) ones for the display.

All the best,
Arr... should have realised Paul would have been here years before...

Not my Pack How in the photo... but mine is much the same.