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75mm Shrapnel USA


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Hey guys...

Picked up two 75mm Shrapnels today; one complete with 1907 fuse. :bigsmile:

One of these projectiles has some sort of metal inside of it that I have never seen in a projectile. Is this something that is unique and/or original thart needs to be preserved, or simply removed for display?



It looks like a nose plug, has a big slot in it. Pull it out, I think I have seen those on made in US for Russia WW1 projectiles. Once you have it out post a picture of it and it will be identified.
Here it is. Whatever it is; it was stuck in the projectile very well and there was no way to grab it, so I had to put a hole in it to pull it out.
You might want to make a diameter measurement on your projectiles, and check the length. If they have two crimping grooves, they are typically 3 inch instead of 75mm. The 3 inch antiaircraft guns fired them, and the 3 inch field gun. The field gun ones are typically shorter.