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75x350R Case headstamp ID


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I have a 75 x 350R shell case that I have had for a while, and am told is Canadian. The headstamp is:

75 MM M18 LOT 349 CL/C /|\\ 1942 F/|\\52"

The primer is stamped:
CR/C 34205-2 6/42 M31 W/C [42]"

Is this case Canadian or another commonwealth nation? Any info would be helpful.
Hi Falcon

I'm pretty sure that /C indicates a Canadian manufactured case (I have 6 pdr 7cwt cases marked RM/C)

Can any members confirm this?

Sorry, I don't have any pics as headstamps are a pig to photograph and I don't have a scanner. Canadian does seem likely due to the broad arrows and the use of a US made primer.
I have drawings of 75mm ammo for the m3 gun showing cl/c as a man code with us primer type,i think also that its from canada,probably manufactured with US made tooling,the acceptance arrow shows its from somewhere in the common wealth if nothing else. Would like to know who RM/C is also ,as i have a couple 2pdr cases so marked,tony
It is definitely "CL/C".

There seems to be plenty of information around on headstamps for anything below 20mm, but once you reach 20mm, maker's marks are much harder to identify.
I Agree,i dont know if the list of ww1 factories posted in other a while back by Icn, is any good in reference to early H stamps on ammo? i cant open the files myself! in general info is scarce it seems.Tony.
Where is icn,s post ,Ill have a look ,i added contents from one of his that wouldnt open before
Canadian would seem logical as they did use alot of US Made tooling, and the "/C" also makes sense.
CR/C is the monogram of Defence Industries Limited facility in Cherrier, Quebec. Most of there work appears to have been the production of bomb casings. However, they were an explosives company and the presence on the primer would suggest it was filled there. **/C is indicative of a Canadian monogram (but not all their monograms ended with /C).

Tim. G.
I would suggest that RM/C is the monogram of THE ROBERT MITCHELL CO., LIMITED (now Robert Mitchell Inc). St. Laurent. Canada. Which, during the second World War was Canadas largest producer of brass artillery cartridge cases.
Just leaves CL/C now.

Tim. G.
Hi Tim,

Do you know who the maker DB/C is please?
It's on a 76mm M26 case,dated 1943,also stamped with the broad arrow.

An educated guess is - Dominion Bridge Co. Who made cases (see attached image), would appear to be about the right diameter but too long.

Tim. G.

2nd attempt to upload image
makers marks

I've seen somewhere that CL/C is from the Canadian Motor Lamp co., but would like someone else to confirm it.

CL/C is the manufacturers mark for Canadian Motor Lamp Company also known around here (Windsor Ontario) as Canadian Lamp Company. They produced 25 lber cases, 75mm cases and 6 lber cases as well as a large percentage of Canadian helmets of the day. The building still exists but is empty and run down. If anyone has any 6 or 25 lber cases so marked, I'd be interested. Hope this helps.