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76mm ARMDC with date defaced


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Today I got a fired 1979 dated 76mm ARMDC case. Someone had almost completely removed the date by striking something against it with a hammer to leave for marks, however you can just make it out.

Is there any reason anyone can think of as to why someone would do this? It is obviously a very deliberate attempt to remove the year of case manufacture.
Hi has the case been re used for something else, possibly trials?

I've got a couple of cases where DDL numbers have been struck out and replaced with different numbers, in these instances different numbers have been put next to the ones that have been struck out.

This case does have a Drawing number underneath the "76mm ARMD.C" stamp, however, I can't tell you what it is at the moment as the case is at work. The date removal looks very crudely done however.
Hi can you post a photo please?
The removed information on my cases were also very crudely done, they're just scratched out with deep scratches but you can just, in the majority of instances see the information below.
I suppose if you're developing or testing rounds you don't necessarily need to make it too neat.