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8" beast


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nice little shell i got from a fellow bocn member many thanx chris. im just not sure where to put it yet :xd:

regards lee


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Large shell.

Glad you are pleased with her Lee, she will grace your already huge collection well.

Perhaps you will be considering a paint job ?
Very nice Lee, always good to see pictures of the big stuff.

Well Chris, now you have lots of room in your workshop.............you can expand your Russian collection!!??

thanx dave the bigger stuff is what i like
so what are you going to replace her with chris theres a nice russian 152mm he shell on specialist auctions at the momment

regards lee
Halt !

Whoa guys-stop !
Lee and Dave-stop right there as you know my space is so limited hence the "collect 57 and below"-well, I have even run out of room for the 57mm goodies now.:tinysmile_cry_t4:

I will leave all the big stuff for Lee to collect and all the special experimental stuff for Dave to collect-seems a reasonable arrangement to me :shot:

It is nice to know that all of my stuff has gone to good homes.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
I just thought that I would mention, that the M106 8 inch HE projo has the reputation of being one of the most accurate artillery projectiles in history. Why it was discontinued in the U.S. can only be guessed at.

You can continue to salivate now.