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88mm Saved from the scrap metal skip


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Hi all,
It never ceases to amaze me what people will throw away. I found this at the local tip in the scrap metal skip about to be taken away. Dated 1942 FLAK 18 brass washed steel case in not too bad nick no holes or serious rust the base being the most affected but most of the stamps are readable.
Will make a nice addition to the collection, may use it for the sectioning project....


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wrecks and relics

wow realy nice find,
right place right time :tinysmile_shy_t:
happy hunting
Nice one Weasel,
I have tried the same criac with my local recycling tip and they just say "No Chance,as they all get scrapped with the high price of metals nowadays".

very sad indeed.

The house clearance sellers at car boot sales always say that they scrap any cases they find when I ask if they have any.
I was lucky with this as most of the time i get told they have been scapped. I have always offerd them more than the scrap value but they never keep them....
As Armystuff said " right place right time " thats what it comes down to. Good hunting all of you.