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88mm steal cases for sale


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i have 10 left ! ww2 dated german steal shell case the gray ones all have nice base stamps and are in good condition ,25 each plus 8 p/p or swap for any thing you want to get rid off 5 off each one sold can go to wards the up keep off this web sit ,
Theres a dose of generousity not seen too often these days, we appreciate your thoughts Russell. Come on who's gonna be the first person to use the donate feature?

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Nice one Russell,thats very generous of you...thank you

Bolo what do donations actually get used for ??
Aside from my fags booze and crack habits ? (JUST KIDDING!!!)

Seriously there are the monthly costs involved in renting a reliable server from a respected company to keep the site up and running. Additionally contributions would go towards new features for the site, like a decent chat component for example.

Aside from the google ad's on the site (Which have made a whopping 25 since the sites launch hah), we the admins dont personally make anything from this site as its purely voluntary, so when we've finished our day jobs we're trying to find ways to make this site run better for you guys.

Hope that answers your question.

There you go Bolo...
Sorry havn't done doc yet...been re-doing the kitchen and still trying to find a job.