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9.45" Mortar


Ordnance Approved
Ordnance approved
9.45in Mortar mk 1.jpg

9-45in Mortar 02.jpg

9-45in Mortar 03.jpg


From my experience and the info i have, there were 4 mks of 9.45" mortar.

They were as follows

Mk 1 - Short body (Picture 1).

Mk 2 - Large body with cut off fins (Picture 2, top mortar).

Mk 3 - Large body, longer fins and smaller internal fill space (Picture 2, bottom mortar).

Mk 4 - Intermediate size body (Picture 4) - I'm pretty sure this one was made from cast steel like the 6" trench mortar (But will happily be corrected if wrong). You can clearly see the gas check rings on this one.
They we're fired in the 1940's on a test range in the UK. The ground was chalk so i guess it's drained well over the years.
The wall thickness is approx 6-8mm, so they have lasted well.