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90x353R Case headstamp ID


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In the summer at a boot sale I bought a 90 x 353R case for the Belgian Cockerill 90mm AFV gun for 2. It appears to never have been loaded / fired. It has no primer (threaded for a screw-in type). The case is very clean on the inside. It had been polished and lacquered on the outside, I removed the lacquer with Nitro-Mors household paint stripper.

The headstamp is:

12 O'Clock: "90 MM NR 5499 A1"

6 O'Clock: "M M J - 2 - 5 - 81"

Is this case made in Belgium? Is "81" the date? Are 2 and 5 lot numbers? I guess "M M J" is the manufacturer ID. What is the name of the exact factory in whatever country it is made in? I need help here, I am not very familiar with the markings on anything over 20mm.