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9mm and 7.62x51 Blanks


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Some more blanks I found.


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The white plastic 7,62x51 with DAG 71 headstamp is not a blank but a short range cartridge.

MT-LB beat me to it. The white plastic bullet separates from the case when fired and can be lethal at short range!

Now back to the blanks.

The early Canadian one headstamped LIZ was made to design DAD(SA)-75-C dated 16th January 1950 and some of these were supplied to the UK for test. There were frequent demands for a UK 9mm blank but none was ever adopted. The LIZ blanks were found to badly foul the barrels of the Mark 5 Stens and were not adopted by the UK

The Canadians were obviously fairly happy though as there were odd batches of 9mm blank made over the years as your second one shows.

The first two 7.62mm NATO blanks are the standard Canadian and US blanks of the period, although I believe the US has moved to a long crimped blank recently. The third one is as previously stated.

Canada made some interesting experimental blanks in the late 1950 and I will post pictures if interested.

Hi Zwerge,
Pics of German 7.62mm plastic blank,DAG, & 9mm L2A1 blank supplied to the UK also by DAG.
Cheers Tony


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Hi Tony

I could do with a DAG blank headstamped "L2A1" if you have a spare, as all the ones I have come across are regular DAG headstamps in use by the British.

Hi TonyE do have a spare,but only have fired examples(at the moment!!) and they are not in the best condition,but you are welcome to it & yes most of these I come across are marked DAG 9mm Para
Cheers Tony
Congrats on the DAG 9mmL2A1. I have one but it is an excellent cartridge and hard to find.

Found some 9 mm fired blank carts in my junkbox

1. brass case extended crimp headstamp : PMP 72 9 L A 1

2. brass case extended crimp headstamp : IVI 72 (Nato mark)

3. brass case black plastic "bullet" split open : Geco 9 mm