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9mm headstamp, need help!!!


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Hi all
Kan anyone help id this 9mm round?
I would be very interesting to know what country it comes from.
Thanks for any help.

All the best


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9mm, thank you.

Hi Missingsomething
Thank you for the quick answer and thanks for the help.
All the best

An interesting round. Was it made as a dummy or is it just a ball round that has had the primer removed?

You may not be aware, but these were issued to British service at the start of WW2. They were originally made for Bolivia, and in 1941 Britain purchased about 20 million rounds from them.

When a group of your countrymen excavated the wreck of one of the British gliders used in a raid on Norway cartridges with this headstamp were found in the wreck. That is probably where yours came from.

9mm thanks again.

Hi TonyE
Thanks for the info. Had no idea that the British used them.
Would be great if it was connected to one of those gliders but i've no idea of were it comes from. I was given it a while back with some other stuff.

Thanks again