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9mm headstamps


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Hi folks,
"picked up" these 9mm on my happy hunting ground along with several Brit WW2 dated 9mm,the first I believe is Canadian,by Dominion Arsenal, the second a lend lease Winchester, but has no date, can any of you confirm or correct?as I have only seen simiular headstamps on .303
Many thanks Tony


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The first round is indeed Canadian but made by Defence Industries, not Dominion Arsenal. The second is as you say, made by Winchester.

It may not be lend Lease though, as we ordered 9mm ammo from Winchester directly quite early in the war, mainly for use in Lanchesters for the Royal Navy. I have details of the contract and it states "..for Schmeisser guns". We also had proof and drill cartridges with this headstamp. The Proof rounds had silvered cases and the drill rounds had darkened cases. Ball and drill as in this picture, have not photographed the proof round yet..



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Thanks TonyE,
"...for Schmieisser guns" is intresting,do you think this was for captured weapons or maybe there was plans to copy MP 40's?
Regards Tony

No, neither of those.

The Lanchester was a copy of the MP28 machine pistol, and it was often refered to as the Schmeisser in the early part of the war.

Of course,duh! must have my silly head on today! always wonderd where the Schmiesser conection originated from? the MP18 was by Bergmann,MP28 Haenel,MP34 Bergmann & the MP40 was by Erfurter, also very ironic that we had copied the MP28 and then the Germans to copy our Sten with the MP3008!
Cheers Tony
Here is a box of Winchester 9m/m "For Sub-Machine guns". The headstamp is also WRA 9mm. There is no date on the packaging, do you think these might have been a wartime contract?

WRA 9mm

There is no "might" about it, those are definitely the wartime contract rounds.

Re: my previous post, here are the Winchester dummy rounds together with another .45ACP dummy supplied to Britain.

The next one is of three different Canadian drill rounds by Defence Industries.

The other picture is of the proof rounds. One is a Winchester British contract one and the other a late war proof from Dominion Arsenal rather than Defence Industries.

I will post some other label pictures shortly



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Hi TonyE
Nice drill & proof rounds! Is this later one a Dominion Arsenal 9mm(1955) & do you know what the CDN1 stands for?
Cheers Tony


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Yes it is.

CDN1 means "Canadian Mark I" and appears to have been an interim type of marking that was used around 1955/56. It is found on 9mm and .303 blanks and probably others.

Britain had adopted the NATO "L1A1" type of nomenclature in 1954 and later the Canadians went to a similar system but using "C" instead of "L". The Australians use "F" (which I presume harks back to Footscray).

The CDN1 seems just to have been used for a couple of years, but hopefully one of our Canadian members can give more details.

WRA 9mm

Here are pictures of the WRA contract 9mm labels

- a variant of the ball box for 64 rounds (2 x Lanchester mags.)

- The dummies.

- The proof rounds.



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