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A few shrapnels from the US shelf


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I don't have all that much old stuff, but a few of them are seldom seen. Since everyone seems to be interested in the older pieces at the moment I thought I would dust off some shots of some of my more rare examples of US shrapnel projectiles.

The first two are 3-inch shrapnel projectiles, with experimantal external tracers. The first has a steel tracer, the second is brass. The brass has its own stamped markings on the tracer, still easily readable.

The third photo is a US 3.2-inch shrapnel, with the wooden nose plug.

Fourth is a 3.8-inch shrapnel, a little worse for wear, but very seldom seen.

Finally there is the US 5-inch shrapnel, cut-away. This was an early shrapnel piece, in the cutaway you can see that they were placing each of the shrapnel balls in its own carrier pocket within heavy steel trays. Apparently this was done in smaller calibers as well, I've range-picked a fractured small tray that would be about right for a 3-inch projectile. I haven't tried to ID the fuze as yet, but would expect it to be a larger variation (more seconds) of the US 15 second combination fuze.


  • 3-inch Shrapnel  Steel Tracer.jpg
    3-inch Shrapnel Steel Tracer.jpg
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  • 3-inch Shrapnel  Brass Tracer.jpg
    3-inch Shrapnel Brass Tracer.jpg
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  • 3.8-inch Shrapnel.jpg
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The Frankfort Arsenal 5-Inch Siege Gun Shrapnel, Model of 1896. The fuze would be the 28-Second FA Combination fuze (beehive). It would be replaced later with the 45-second adjustable ring.
great schtuff

Great showing of projectiles Jo. Something seldom seen in this forum. I appreciate seeing things that are "new to me". Thanks so much for showing. Last shot of sectioned shell is an absolute eye popper. Regards...Dano
Hello Jeff,

Thank you for sharing the photographs of your early U.S. shrapnel projectiles with us. I especially like the 3.2 inch! Were you aware that we manufactured a metallic cased shell for the 3.2 inch gun?

Best regards,

No, I have very little info on it. As you know, there is very little info on the early projos, generally you either have the book of the gun, or nothing. I have a couple of the early training manuals where some of the obscure calibers are mentioned, but not all and not in much detail. Nice info, thanks.