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a riddle from Ukraine

jhonni \

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Question for Paul Spence and other guy's from Great Britain!
This is "F-1" type grenade one of a number from Ukraine battlefields.
What do you think about this grenade?
Body is a French type, tube from Mk16... What is it? What is the name of this grenade?
(my friend have a few grenades, and it's not a single copy)
I think this is rare specimen....



  • grenade question F1 from Volinsk.jpg
    grenade question F1 from Volinsk.jpg
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Hi, thats a great looking fuze. I think youll find it was made by Edison & Swan United Electric Light Co. Ltd. I have no idea who made the F1 body or if this emergency grenade was given a designation. Very nice, thanks for sharing the photo's with us. Cheers
Big thanks guy's!
I think need more opinions for establish truth.
If these grenades find in divers places so it was especial lot of Edison & Swan company...
What do you think?
This type of grenades are not only in Ukraine but in Poland too.



Beautiful grenades to say the least. Would like to eventually find out the whole story on these. On another topic to restore or to not restore, I personally would not touch these because the patina in my opinion is sheer perfection..Dano
Wow! Cool AC23!!
We are happy everybody now!
Photos is great!

We are make History and Story all together now!
P.S. Paul will be happy too...
May be marking "M" is a Muiden Chemie B.V.?
Muiden Chemie International BV which is one of the key firms in Netherlands (Holland) is in Muiden.
Hispano Suiza?
May be all these type grenades from Switzerland?


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    F unknown.jpg
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gooten stuffen

I just wanted to comment on the absolutely beautiful grenades contained within this thread. Great stuff guys. happy hunting..Respectfully...Dano