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A W Bombs-Enamel Sign


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Offered to BOCN members before the GP, The enamel sign from under the lid of a box of "AW Bombs" or oficially known as the SIP or No 76 grenade. Issued to the Home Guard initially for hand throwing and then for firing from th Northover Projector. I am not going in to detail about the weapon here, it is well covered in many sources. Try this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No._76_Special_Incendiary_Grenade The sign is in very good condition for its age, the writing is all present and the metal is very solid. There is some rusting to the rear, but nothing to worry about. Rare in any condition. Looking for 25 plus postage. Many thanks, Tony.
Hi Waff, It would not have been this one, I have had it for years, but It's a spare and time to pass it on. They do crop up now and again, but I have seen really manky ones fetch 40 on ebay.