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AB103 air drop proximity fuze


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attached are 2 photos of an AB103 air drop proximity fuze for predetermined air burst bombs. This is an American fuze but does anyone know if we are using them too?
Hi Rick
The AB-103 is a South African fuze. It may also be manufactured under licence (and therefore presumably also used) in Pakistan, as other South African AB-series fuzes are. Perhaps the Pakistan Ordnance Factories website says so, but I haven't looked. Re- your question: who is "we"?
cheers eodda, we = British. How on earth did it get over here? The internet site I looked at was an american manufacturers site - so I presumed it was american. Perhaps someone brought it home from holiday instead of the usual carved elephant! dave
What sort of bombs would this be used on?
Does anyone have a drawing of what is inside the fuze?
Aero has an office in the US but they are just brokers for munitions and components, one of my clients sells various priemrs and dets, plus some CADs to them. They then resell to whom ever (so long as all the US liscence and paper work or in order) Another company here in the US that has this fuze listed is Island Ordnance (they also do not manufacture, just resale)